About the project:

In partnership with the VFW Auxiliary CA District 3 we are making masks for veterans in need. The masks will be donated to the Veterans hospital in Loma Linda, CA through our project partner at the VFW Auxiliary and will be used by the senior veterans in the hospital.

Stitch Signal: July 29, 2020, Please read thoroughly

Bottom Line Up Front: :

      • Announcing Every Stitch Matters has teamed up with VFW Auxiliary for District 3 in CA
      • NEW PLEDGE FORM FOR ITEM NEEDS: https://forms.gle/5qgNoQUrFutu3Jbz6
      • Need, Deadline, and Patterns for this project

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

We are excited to announce our partnership with the VFW Auxiliary California District 3 to provide masks to veterans! They are providing masks to our veterans at the VA hospital and are needing 300 double layered pleated cotton face masks for the Veterans hospital in Loma Linda, CA.

Please use the Pledge Form https://forms.gle/5qgNoQUrFutu3Jbz6 to pledge how many masks you will make. Once your items are done, please wash and package your masks in clean sealable plastic bags then ship per the instructions emailed to you. Please get a tracking number if you can then go back and update the form with your tracking number.


      • 300 double layer cotton masks (pleated style preferred, but will accept any adult size style)


      • August 20, 2020


      • Our favorite is the Clover Pattern from our friends at makemasks2020: https://www.makemasks2020.org/mask-making-guide
      • You do not have to include a filter pocket, just ensure your mask is 2 layers of cotton and adult sized.
      • If you have a favorite pattern feel free to use it as long as you are using 2 layers of cotton and the finished mask is adult sized you're good!

Other Instructions:

    1. Wash your masks in warm or hot water and machine or line dry.
    2. You can also boil in water and air dry (in a clean location) if there is no washer/dryer available.
    3. Use freshly washed hands or gloved hands to transfer clean dry masks directly from drying into an impermeable, sealable bag (e.g. a ziploc bag)