San Diego Humane Society - Project Wildlife - FAQ

Q: Where do I send my items?

A: Once you submit the pledge form, noting that you have finished items, you will receive the address via email.

Q: Where is the pledge form?

A: All Pledge forms are on this page: Pledges for SDHS

Q: What is the due date?

A: This is an ongoing project for 2020. We will post updates letting everyone know if specific needs have been met for the time being or if there are new needs. There are monthly "deadlines" for each

Q: What yarn can I use for the nests?

A: Material: Cotton, wool, or acrylic yarn. Natural fiber yarn is preferred however, acrylic is also accepted. Preferred double strand, tightly woven (H hook). Neutral colors preferred but not mandatory.

Q: What size nests are needed?

A: These are the general dimensions. If you are off by a little bit don’t worry, but try and stick to these sizes as closely as possible.

      • Micro: 1 ½ inch base by 1 ½ inch tall
      • Small: 3 inches base by 3 inches tall
      • Medium: 4 inch base by 3 inches tall
      • Large: 6 inch base by 3 inches tall
      • X-Large: 8 inch base by 3 inches tall

Q: What sizes are the blankets for the Kitten Nursery?

A: There are a few different sizes for the kitten area.

      • Kitten Condo Blankets - 30” x 30”
      • Kitten Nursery Receiving Blankets 27" x 15"

Q: Are the Project Wildlife pouches different from the ones that were made for Australia?

A: The Project Wildlife Team need pouches made of non-pilling fleece or cotton flannel. The ARC pattern for the Outer Small Joey Pouch works well for their needs. They only need a single layer outer pouch of fleece or flannel so if you use the ARC pattern below you only need to print the pages for the small outer joey pouch. You can download it below and follow along with the tutorial provided.

Q: Where are the patterns?

A: Check the patterns link