About San Diego Humane Society:

The San Diego Humane Society's Project Wildlife established in 1972 is now one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation organizations in the country. With a full-time vet and a dedicated group of staff and volunteers they helped 12,370 wildlife animals admitted to their facility in the past year.

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Sewing Event at Project Wildlife
  • SDHS New Pledge Forms
  • Updated Item Needs for Kitten Nursery and Project Wildlife

Stitch Signal Wednesday, March 4, 2020

We’re further expanding our partnership with San Diego Humane Society. As a result we have divided the pledge form for SDHS by departments to make things easier to navigate. Over the course of the year we will be updating you with requests from other departments within the SDHS organization. We are very excited for some of the new crafts they’re needing. Each month we will announce a monthly project to benefit a department at SDHS. We are also planning additional events for fabric and yarn crafts so you can get together with your fellow crafters and learn/share tips and tricks to get these items made.

SEWING EVENT: Stitchers Assemble Saturday, March 21, 2020

The first event we’re hosting will be for sewing at Project Wildlife. If you’re local to San Diego we're looking for 8 to 10 people to help us sew Raptor Cage Covers on-site at the San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife!

WHEN: Saturday March 21, 2020 from 11 - 1

They will be providing the fabric, pattern, and velcro. We just need you, your sewing machine, thread, scissors, and time! More details can be found at the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/3592993450773850/

More information about Raptor Cage Covers can be found in Nurse Laura’s video shared on the event announcement.

San Diego Humane Society new pledge forms

Due to the growing partnership with San Diego Humane Society we’ve split the pledge forms for the two departments we are currently working with. Rest assured, if you previously pledged items - those pledges are still counted from the old form. When you have completed your items simply ship them to the address listed on the packing/shipping email you received (or drop off per the instructions in this email).

All new pledges need to be made using the new forms below:

Project Wildlife: https://forms.gle/jausReyCiVG1noUN8

Kitten Nursery: https://forms.gle/MPz5c4im9Noio9K88

Update on Items needed for Kitten Nursery and Project Wildlife:

We have a new item needed by Project Wildlife: Bird Cage curtains. These are used to ensure birds in their care do not imprint on humans and as a result lead to less successful return to the wild. It is a great pattern for a beginner.

All patterns are on our website: https://www.everystitchmatters.org/volunteer-opportunities/SanDiegoHumaneSociety

  • Project Wildlife
    • Bird cage curtains (new item):
      • 20 Dove
      • 20 Sparrow
    • Cavity Nests - we are still in need of:
      • 45 Large
      • 37 small
  • The Kitten Nursery
    • 116 Condo Ramp Covers (plastic and metal)
    • 76 Condo Door Covers
    • 97 Condo Floor Pads
    • 111 Condo Shelf Pads