City Grazing - FAQ

Q: Where do I send my items?

A: Once you submit the pledge form, noting that you have finished items, you will receive the address via email.

Q: Where is the pledge form?

A: Click here

Q: What is the due date?

A: March 9th for baby goat sweaters/coats / April 1st for collars

Q: What size collars needed?

A: Collars 1” must be made from strong/heavy duty webbing (adding ribbon is totally optional)

      • Must have a D-ring to attach a leash
      • Must be quick release
      • Must fit XL dog - adjustable to a 21” neck.
      • We need 6 different colors (listed on pledge form) and a total of 155 collars

Q: Where are the patterns?

A: Click here